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June 7, 2020

Allerona – Porta del Sole

The Porta del Sole was the main access to the ancient feudal castle in the Middle Ages, when Allerona was an important defence of the Municipality of Orvieto towards Chiusi. Subject to the Monaldeschi families who erected the stronghold in 1275, placing it on a natural cliff and defending it on the right with the construction of a moat.

Of the typical construction of the medieval castle Allerona still retains the structure, clearly recognizable in the perimeter walls and the access gates to the ancient village, called Porta del Sole and Porta della Luna.

Between 1494 and 1495, during his descent to Italy, while he was heading for the conquest of the kingdom of Naples, Charles VII came under the Rock of Orvieto and having not obtained freedom of passage and provisions, with his army he sacked and destroyed all the surrounding territory including the Allerona castle.

The castle village was able to rise quickly, so much so that less than a century later in 1585 the Community had reorganized with its own Statute from which the civil, legal, economic, social and religious aspects of life can still be inferred.