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July 16, 2020

Allerona – Pugnaloni Festival

From pagan origin to the adaptations due to the Christianization of the feast, from the most ancient rituality to today’s celebration, May – a month dedicated to the expansion of nature, to swelling crops, to the abundant and full rebirth – is teeming with patronal and traditional festivals everywhere. One of the most heartfelt and interesting is certainly the one that in Allerona celebrates Sant’Isidoro, patron of the countryside and farmers, popularly known as Festa dei Pugnaloni.

The anniversary whose origins could date back to paganism and be connected with the offering of the first fruits of the earth to Ceres, goddess of the crops, or to Mercury, god of commerce, would then have suffered, probably starting from the mid-1700s, a contaminatio linked the expansion of the cult of Sant’Isidoro. Canonized in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV together with figures such as Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa de Avila, Francesco Saverio and Filippo Neri, Isidore of Madrid (1080-1130), simply called Isidoro peasant, he had earned the holiness with a life of prayer, of sharing parks with the poorest and righteous, tireless work. In the town of Allerona there is also a permanent exhibition of the Pugnaloni set up in Via Roma and can be visited by reservation.