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June 7, 2020

Baschi – Corbara Lake


Main connection road: Strada SS 448 -Baschi (TR)

Corbara Lake is an artificial lake created in the 1960s by the barrier of the Tiber river to create a hydroelectric basin. The lake takes its name from the small town of Corbara which overlooks it with its majestic castle. Although Corbara is a town in the municipality of Orvieto, the best connected and most accessible part of the lake is the one on the opposite side of the town, in the territory of nearby Baschi.

The lake is home to a large variety of pike, carp, pike perch, crucian carp, catfish, chub and is known for its fishy waters which are often the scene of fishing competitions. Being quite deep and wide, it is possible to practice all fishing techniques both from the comfortable and wide clearings of its banks and from a boat.