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January 25, 2021

Baschi – San Nicolò Church


Address: Via Scarlano, 12 – Baschi (TR)

In 1576 the renovation of the church of San Nicolò began (the first dates back to the 12th century), designer Ippolito Scalza “urbevetanus”, who personally followed the work for about 10 years; only in the last period was he replaced by Antonio Carrarino, during the construction of the bell tower.

San Niccolò is the first religious building of Ippolito Scalza. The church has a Tuscan intonation both inside and outside. The interior of the church has a single room with two chapels; on the walls Scalza proposes an order of pilasters framing arches, surmounted by a windowed attic. The gray basalt stone and the plaster give a Tuscan, Brunelleschian intonation. The windows internally have an exterior finish, since it is impossible to treat the external walls which are rustic. The large arch before the choir is of Bramante inspiration. In the chapel of SS. Sacramento on the right, a precious triptych by Giovanni di Paolo, from Siena (1440), represents the Madonna, S. Nicola and another saint. Under the altar rests the body of S. Longino, co-patron of the town. The coffered ceiling was restored by Paolo Zampi an engineer from Orvieto, in the early 1900s; previously it was covered by a large cloth on which the Madonna among the angels was painted above a large cloud and St. Nicholas below. Above the central door in 1700, a beautiful organ was placed.