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June 7, 2020

Baschi – Tiber River Park


Park headquarters address: Piazza Umberto I, Civitella del Lago, Baschi (TR)
Telephone: (+39) 0744.950732
E-mail: parcotevere@libero.it

Established in 1995, the Tiber river park stretches for about 50 km along the river, starting near Todi to reach the oasis of Alviano after a sinuous flow through the steep gorges of the Forello and the reservoir of Lake Corbara. A territory frequented by man since the Bronze Age and which has known ancient civilizations such as that of the Umbrians, the Etruscans and especially the Romans who used the waters, which were navigable at the time, to make it an important communication route. The presence of the Romans has left evidence still visible today in the archaeological site of Scoppieto (kiln and pottery remains) and in the remains of the Port of Pagliano (near Corbara, at the confluence of the Tiber and Paglia rivers).

Today the river park is above all a precious naturalistic attraction and which offers, along the banks of the river and the shores of Lake Corbara, the possibility of practicing sports such as fishing, boating, hiking, caving (Caves of Pozzi della Piana e del Vorgozzino). The environment also boasts a remarkable fauna heritage (birds of prey, herons, water birds) and numerous species of plants, from chestnut to holm oak, from strawberry tree to willow.