16.4 C
May 10, 2021

Castel Giorgio – The Alfina plateau

A green flat area located at over 500 meters above sea level between Castel Giorgio, Castel Viscardo and the nearby Acquapendente, with a great landscape impact and has recently become part of the “Places of the FAI heart”. Always appreciated for the cool climate and the “fine air” as the local inhabitants claim.

Used in the beginning as a field for makeshift landings, in 1936 the aeronautics, appreciating the landscape and location, decided to build an airport on the Alfina Plateau. At the time, aircraft hangars were built by engineer Pierluigi Nervi with techniques and a truly avant-garde design, and an aviation school was also created on site.

The airport had gained considerable importance, so during the WWII it became a target for enemy aviation and was bombed. For this reason, the original structures were destroyed and today in the area that houses an airfield for flight, only the building of the department, the water tank and nine sections of the rear pillars of one of the original hangars remain visible.