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August 12, 2020

Castel Giorgio – Towards Bolsena and the Lauscello necropolis

  • Departure: Castel Giorgio
  • Arrival: Bolsena (full itinerary)
  • Distance: —
  • Road surface: path
  • Signage: White-red
  • Places to visit in the area: Necropoli del Lauscello, view of Lake Bolsena

From Castel Giorgio, take the regional Maremmana road to the village called Casa Perazza. From here continue along two long straight stretches of road. At the end of the last stretch of straight road on the right, before the curve where the sign for km 91 is found, there is a road on the right with signs for hiking. From here you continue walking through the green countryside on the border between Umbria and Lazio, along a partial stretch of a much longer route: that of the Orvieto – Bolsena crossing.

Along the way, inside a path in a wood there is an interesting archaeological area consisting of a necropolis (Necropoli del Lauscello). It was discovered as far back as 1189 and can be dated between the third and fourth centuries BC. It consists of 15 burials dug in the ground. The presence of the necropolis and other finds scattered along the entire route, suggests and makes it clear how the Alfina plateau was already in pre-Hellenistic times an area marked by important communication routes and before the route from Orvieto to Bolsena played an important role especially after the Roman conquest of Orvieto and the consequent deportation of the inhabitants of Orvieto to the city of Bolsena.

In addition to a historical and archaeological interest, the route also has a valuable landscape and naturalistic aspect; after passing the necropolis, the path continues and reaches up to Bolsena giving panoramic views of the lake.