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January 18, 2021

Castel Viscardo – Cannelletta Festival


Organizer: Proloco Castel Viscardo

Web: www.prolococastelviscardo.it
Facebook: facebook.com/proloco.castelviscardo/

Period: Summer

This village festival which has over fifty years of activity (the first edition is from 1966) takes place in Castel Viscardo during the summer period, traditionally at the beginning of August. The festival owes its name to the fact that in the late 1960s, local wine producers were granted a temporary license that allowed them to sell wine. The opening of the tap (also called “cannelletta” locally) of the barrel from which the wine was taken and served thus gave its name to the festival which over the years, has then become a recurring party. An eno-gastronomic event that for several days gathers people in the public gardens of the town. On the first day a parade is organized in the streets of the town with an allegorical cart and writings praising the wine sometimes with a tractor sometimes with Maremma oxen. The festival offers typical dishes such as gnocchi al castrato, duck, wild boar, tagliatelle with rigaje, but above all the tortuccia or a fried pizza to eat with salt, sugar, stuffed with sliced ​​or nutella.