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July 13, 2020

Castel Viscardo – Church SS Annunziata


Address: Via Isonzo, 4 – Castel Viscardo (TR)

The church is located in the center of the village, opposite the town hall. Its construction was started in 1672 in late Baroque style on the initiative of the Marquis Orazio Spada, and completed 10 years later.

It consists of a single nave covered by a barrel vault, on which there are four large side windows.

The walls are divided into four lateral chapels, two on each side, enriched by paintings by Carlo Maratta (1683-84), by the German Wernle a painter in the service of the Swords, and by Bernabei of Perugia, inside which the secondary altars and two semicircular niches containing the confessionals and the two wooden pulpits.

The presbytery with a square plan, covered with a cross vault, and built in a raised position with respect to the development of the nave, houses the main altar made of polychrome marble and enriched by the altarpiece dedicated to the SS. Annunziata, made by the Sienese painter N. Tornioli in 1683. Also of great value in the church is an ivory crucifix.