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August 12, 2020

Orvieto – Ceramics

The clay and terracotta processing has been present since the Etruscan-Roman era both in Orvieto and in the territory. In the Middle Ages Orvieto ceramics distinguished themselves for their excellent workmanship and innovative decorations such as enamel and under-window painting. The predominant colors were ramina green, white and manganese black, while the main themes depicted were leaves, animals and female figures. Ceramics in Orvieto has experienced alternating historical moments between creative thrusts and periods of scarce activity, but without ever disappearing from the forms of local handicraft.

A strong enhancement of ceramics is due to the Orvieto Pericle Perali that during excavations and research in the medieval “throws” of the city recovered several finds of ancient ceramics giving new impulse to the study and knowledge of the medieval ceramics of Orvieto. This was responsible for the creation of the art of the Vascellari (early 1900’s) which contributed together with the artist Ilario Ciaurro to the definitive relaunch of this art form. Today the Orvieto ceramics is still one of the artisan works present in the city, there are numerous shops and workshops where it is possible to find both traditional ceramics and ceramics revisited in a modern and subjective key.