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July 7, 2020

Christmas in Orvieto


From November 29, 2019 to January 6, 2020



The Cathedral of Orvieto as you’ve never seen it before

After 122 years the Annunciation by Francesco Mochi (the first masterpiece in the history of Baroque sculpture) and the 12 Apostles and Patron Saints of the city statues, made between the 1500 and 1700, have returned to the Cathedral. A historic event not to be missed.

EVERYDAY from 9:30 to 17:00 (Sunday 13:00-16:30)

The masterpiece of the Annunciation by Francesco Mochi and the Apostles and the patron saints statues return to the Cathedral of Orvieto after 122 years. A historic event not to be missed.
Info su www.opsm.it

DECEMBER 6Museo Emilio Greco – 16:00

Presentation of the book “MIRACLE! Emotion, spectacle and power in the history of the XIII – XVIII centuries “in collaboration with the International Society for the Study of the Latin Middle Ages.

DECEMBER 7  – Museo Emilio Greco – 17:00

Inauguration of the photographic exhibition “The Statues in the Cathedral of Orvieto.” “When memory has a future”, the story recomposed in the images of the “Photographic Fund Armoni Raffaelli Moretti” and in the current shots. The exhibition, set up in the basement of the Cathedral thanks to the collaboration of the Central Institute for Catalog and Documentation, will be open for free during the MODO opening hours, until Sunday April 12.

DECEMBER 14 and 21Pozzo di San Patrizio – 10:00-17:00

“Unusually Pozzo”, guided tour of the Pozzo di San Patrizio, Etruscan Temple and Albornoz Fortress to get to know all the curiosities and secrets that revolve around the most famous well in Italy.

Departure at 15:00 and 16:15. Duration 40 min. Cost € 7.50 per person. Free for children under 6 years

The well from 28 December to 1 January and on the days of 4 and 5 January will extend the opening hours until 19:00.

DECEMBER 21 Corbara – 15:30

Multi-sensorial vernissage – Exhibitions by Manuela Montenero entitled “In Journey” and Giorgia Marra, entitled “ιδέα”. The evening will be cheered by the music of the singer-songwriter Luca Montenero , from the Christmas market, followed by Apericena.

DECEMBER 21 and 28, JANUARY 4 – Museo Archeologico Nazionale – 16:00

“The treasures of the warehouse: forbidden not to touch them”. Guided visit to the knowledge of the archaeological material.



A tree of light in the Well

This year Christmas falls the 248 steps of the well of San Patrizio, the exceptional engineering work carved out of the tuff. An exciting tree of light will light up on the afternoon of December 7th illuminating the heart of the cliff.

DECEMBER 7 2019 – JANUARY 6 2020Pozzo di San Patrizio – 10:00 – 17:00

A tree of light in the well
Turns on Saturday 7 December at 17:30
From 28 December to 30 December and on 4 and 5 January the well will extend the opening hours until 19:00.



DECEMBER 15 – Rocca Ripesena – 18:00

Inauguration of the Nativity scene and blessing of the “Bambinelli”
Following concert by the group “I Luce”

DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 6 – Circuito Cittadino dei Presepi dei Quartieri

By the Citizen Neighborhood Committee

DECEMBER 23 – JANUARY 12Pozzo della Cava – 9:00 to 20:00

31st edition of Presepe nel Pozzo – “The Tool”.

Set up in the basement of the Pozzo della Cava with life-size mechanical and animatronic characters, this year has the exceptional narrator Giuda Iscariota.

The 2019-2020 edition is enriched by an exhibition on the coins of the time of Jesus.

DECEMBER 26 and JANUARY 6Giardini di San Giovenale – 17:30

Seventh edition of the “Living Nativity” by the Presepe & Orvieto Association

Relive the night of Bethlehem in the gardens, streets, squares and caves at the foot of the wonderful church of San Giovenale

DECEMBER 29 Loc. Benano – 16:00

“Natale nel Borgo di Benano”
Visita ai Presepi e festa nel Borgo



NOVEMBER 29 – DECEMBER 22Chiesa di San Giuseppe

“Rodari nel Mondo”, an exhibition of Gianni Rodari’s works translated into over 50 languages. By the Rodari Study Center.

DECEMBER 8Piazza San Giovenale – 18:00

“La Candeluminaria – Children’s wishes illuminate the medieval quarter”

Over 3 thousand candles will illuminate one of the most beautiful areas of the city and the children will create a suggestive tree in Piazza San Giovenale. Departure at 18 from Piazza della Repubblica.

DECEMBER 15 – Parcheggio dell’Orologio Orvieto scalo – 10/20
“Orologio in festa”
Craft and hobby market
Bibliobus for children
Let’s play with the pony Stella

DECEMBER 15Piazza Olona, Sferracavallo – 15:00 – 17:00

Exhibition of the “Wizard of Lapone”

DECEMBER 21Piazza degli Aceri, Ciconia – 16:00 – 20:00

Santa Claus in Ciconia
Shows for children and awarding of the contest “A Christmas fairy tale”

DECEMBER 22Piazza della Repubblica – 16:00

Santa Claus will bring the gifts, going down in a spectacular way to Piazza della Repubblica. In collaboration with the CAI Orvieto.

DECEMBER 28Laboratorio Etruschi – 15:00

“Build your Etruscan Jewel”

This splendid civilization loved to adorn itself with sumptuous jewels, let’s get to know them closely and create one, step by step. After a short visit to the Etruscan temple we will make a real Etruscan jewel!

Duration 2h. Cost € 5.00 per child – Reservation recommended to the email orvieto@sistemamuseo.it
Appointment at 15 at the ticket office of the Pozzo di San Patrizio.

DECEMBER 29/30/31Teatro del Carmine – 10:00

“Umbria Jazz for Kids”

Umbria Jazz and the Adriano Casasole Music School present an innovative project dedicated to the meeting of children with jazz music. Readings of nursery rhymes by Gianni Rodari, on the centenary of his birth, to the rhythm of jazz.

The 29th will be dedicated to the unpublished project of the “A. Casasole “: the children tell the story of our city to the rhythm of jazz set to music with the instruments that accompany the exit of Corpus Domini. There will be international jazz musicians protagonists of Umbria Jazz Winter.

JANUARY 6Piazza del Popolo – 17:00

“La Befana in piazza”

La Befana will drop from Palazzo del Popolo to give sweets and candies to the little ones. Organized by the Civil Protection and the Fire Brigade of Orvieto.



Dal 29 novembre al 6 gennaio le piazze del centro storico si animano con un caratteristico villaggio natalizio e i suoi tradizionali mercatini di artigianato e prodotti tipici.
E ogni giorno oltre 200 attività commerciali vi aspettano per i vostri acquisti di Natale.

NOVEMBER 29 – JANUARY 6Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Fracassini, Piazza Gualterio – 14:00-20:00 (lun-mer), 10:00-20:00 (Thursday-Sunday)

Christmas markets in the main squares of the historic center

DECEMBER 7/8 14/15 20/21/22Via della Costituente – 10:00 – 20:00

Craft Market

DECEMBER 7/8Rocca Ripesena

Market with products made by the A.Ge.Orvieto Association. Tasting of roasted chestnuts and popcorn cooked in the “big pan”



NOVEMBER 29 – DECEMBER 1Palazzo del Popolo

“Orvieto Winter Dance 2019”

Exclusive dance training stages with important dancers and choreographers

NOVEMBER 29 – Sede Unitre Palazzo Simoncelli, piazza del Popolo 27 – 16:30

“Advent – Faith in waiting” Spiritual Reflections by Fr Danilo Innocenzi

DECEMBER 6Atrio Palazzo dei Sette – 18:30

“Il Libro Parlante XXIV edizione”

Daniele Batella presents “End of the Road Bar – part two – Dark Zone 2019”

DECEMBER 6/7/8Sala Expo Palazzo del Popolo – 11:00-19:00 (Sunday 11:00-13:00)

All the colors of black
Solo exhibition by Maurizio Rosella

DECEMBER 7Piazza Olona, Sferracavallo – 15:00-18:00

Music group concert “Tour De Force”

DECEMBER 7Sala dei Quattrocento, Palazzo del Popolo – 21:00

“The threads, the wefts and the nets of the Trasimeno Orvietano”. A parade of precious areas enriched with macramé details. By Gal Trasimeno Orvietano

DECEMBER 12Auditorium Vetrya Corporate Campus – 17:00

Happy birthday Susanna!

Susanna Tamaro will meet her friends and readers to celebrate her birthday together over her 30-year career, 30 published books, 30 years of life in Orvieto.

DECEMBER 13Teatro del Carmine – 18:30

Literary-theatrical show freely adapted from Euripides’ “Le Supplici”. By the Portable Readers association

DECEMBER 14Atrio Palazzo dei Sette – 18:00

“Il Libro Parlante XXIV edizione”

Melania Mazzucco presents “L’Architettrice”

DECEMBER 14Piazza Olona, Sferracavallo – 17:00 – 19:00

Concert of the Cherries on a Swing Set

DECEMBER 15Atrio Palazzo dei Sette – 18:00

“Il Libro Parlante XXIV edizione”

Maurizio De Giovanni presents “Nozze”

DECEMBER 15Teatro del Carmine – 18:30

“Martha’s Dance” Dance Show. Tribute to Martha Graham

DECEMBER 16 Chiesa di S. Anna, Orvieto scalo – 21:00

Christmas concert by the Parish Oratory

DECEMBER 17Chiesa Madonna della Cava – 17:30

Piano concert “Christmas Notes” by the piano students of the piano class of Maestro Riccardo Cambri of the municipal school of music “Adriano Casasole” in Orvieto.

DECEMBER 18Atrio Palazzo dei Sette – 17:00

“Il Libro Parlante XXIV edizione”

Corrado Augias presents “Il Grande Romanzo dei Vangeli”

DECEMBER 21Chiesa di San Lodovico – 16:30

“Little Christmas concert” by the pianist students of the piano class of Maestro Riccardo Cambri of the municipal school of music “Adriano Casasole” of Orvieto.

DECEMBER 21/JANUARY 6 – Palazzo dei Sette

“Sound of time – Sound of time” – Painting exhibition by Salvatore Ravo
Inauguration December 21 at 17:00

DECEMBER 21Teatro del Carmine – 18:30

Christmas Concert of the Philharmonic “Luigi Mancinelli”

DECEMBER 22Teatro Mancinelli – 16:30

“Light up Christmas” – Youth dance review by Uisp

DECEMBER 23Teatro Mancinelli – 21:00

“Concert of wishes for the city of Orvieto” of the Municipal School of Music “Adriano Casasole” of Orvieto

DECEMBER 26Duomo – 21:00

Concert by the Choir of the Duomo “Vox e Jubilum”

DECEMBER 27Chiesa di San Giuseppe – 18:00

Circuit of the nativities – Concert of the “Adriano Casasole” Municipal Music School of Orvieto conducted by Maestro Dino Graziani

JANUARY 3 Chiesa di Ciconia – 21:00

Circuit of the nativities – “Harmonies for the New Year” Concert of the “Adriano Casasole” Municipal School of Music in Orvieto with the “Città di Orvieto” Choir conducted by Maestro Silvia Cerquaglia

JANUARY 4Museo Archeologico Nazionale – 18:00

Circuit of the nativities – Concert of the Little Brown Jug Band with the Tenor Giordano Ferri

JANUARY 5Chiesa di San Giovenale – 18:00

Concert by the Choir of the Duomo “Vox e Jubilum”

JANUARY 5Chiesa di Sferracavallo – 21:00

Circuit of the nativities – Concert of the Youth Orchestra of the “Adriano Casasole” Municipal School of Music in Orvieto conducted by Maestro Dino Graziani



DECEMBER 7Atrio Palazzo di Sette – 17:30 – 20:00

The “Terre di Orvieto” Partnership presents “Christmas tastings”
Musical entertainment by the “Adriano Casasole” Municipal Music School of Orvieto with the group “Madama’s Trio”

DECEMBER 28-31Corso Cavour 36

Show Consorzio Orvieto DOC

DECEMBER 29Palazzo Petrucci – 17:30 – 20:00

The “Terre di Orvieto” Partnership presents “Tastings of the territory’s food and wine excellences.” Musical entertainment by the “Adriano Casasole” Municipal Music School of Orvieto with the group “Social Trio”



FROM DECEMBER 28 TO JANUARY 1 Orvieto becomes the home of jazz: five days of music from noon to small hours, ninety events, seven locations in the historic center, thirty bands, more than one hundred and fifty musicians. And on January 1st the Mass of Peace in the Cathedral with the magic of the gospel.

Free events
Street parade in the historic center with Funk Off
Saturday DECEMBER 28 11:30
Sunday DECEMBER 29 11:30/18:00
Monday DECEMBER 30 11:30/18:00
Tuesday DECEMBER 31 11:30
Wednesday JANUARY 1 18:00

JANUARY 1 – Duomo – 17:00
Mass of Pace & Gospel
Every Praise & Virginia Union
Gospel Choir
feat. J. David Bratton

Complete program: www.umbriajazz.it