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August 12, 2020

Discovering the Etruscans


  • Orvieto
  • Porano
  • Montecchio

Visiting time

  • 2 days

How to get there

  • Car required

An exciting journey to discover the Etruscan civilization in the Orvieto area. Starting from Orvieto (the city of Fanum Voltumnae), passing through Porano and its frescoed tombs (Golini I and II, and Hescanas), finishing in Montecchio with the necropolis of Fosso di San Lorenzo. A path between history and nature that allows you to see three different types of Etruscan necropoli…

Etruscan city of great importance, site of the federal sanctuary of the Etruscan league of 12 cities and the last city of Etruria to be conquered by the Romans. In Orvieto you can admire the remains of the Belvedere temple, the Etruscan necropolis of the Crocifisso del Tufo and the Archaeological and Faina museums that collect numerous finds from the well know archaeological sites to smaller and less known necropolis scattered around the Orvieto area.

Traveling a few kilometers from Orvieto to the town of Porano, which bears witness to the Etruscan civilization with the presence of the Golini tombs I and II (whose frescoed walls were detached from the original tombs and can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Orvieto), and the evocative Tomb of the Hescanas (which still maintains its decorated walls and can be visited by appointment).

Half an hour from Orvieto, the town of Montecchio shows signs of a civilization even before the Etruscan period. In its countryside is the Umbrian-Etruscan necropolis of Copio of the Fosso di San Lorenzo. It is a path between history and nature that allows us to see types of tombs carved directly into the ground that are structurally very different from those of Orvieto and Porano. The finds found in the necropolis are visible at the Antiquarium of Palazzo Ancajani in the small village of Tenaglie.