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February 27, 2021

Municipality of Fabro

Telephone: +39 0763 831020
Address: Piazza Carlo Alberto, 15
05015 – Fabro (TR)

General Information

Altitude: 364mt s.l.m.
Surface Area: 34,5 km²
Inhabitants: (Fabresi) 2.822
37 km from Orvieto

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The town developed around an ancient castle built in the year 1000 which was feuded over by the powerful Filippeschi and Monaldeschi families of Orvieto.

Later in the 16th century the castle was restored (by Antonio da San Gallo the Younger) by the powerful Bandini family of Città della Pieve. Today the castle is privately owned and shows a structure that is still largely intact with a mighty wall and a large cylindrical tower which confirms that it was initially conceived as an important territorial defense.

In addition to the castle, in the town of Fabro there is the 19th century church of San Martino, and the 19th-century Palazzo Comunale.

Not far from the town of Fabro, there is a small fraction Carnaiola developed around another castle also built around the year 1000 with the intention of making it a garrison to control the ford of the nearby Chiani river. This village gave birth to the famous Beata Vanna. To defend the waters of the river the Romans had already built a mighty embankment called Muro Grosso (later transformed into a bridge), a name that still today identifies the town.

The landscape surrounding Fabro is predominantly countryside with typical gullies and the wide clearings that characterize the Valdichiana. In the Fabro area olive oil and wine are produced, and precious breeds of cattle such as Chianina are bred.

Fabro is best known for the presence of the prized white truffle. The precious tuber together with other agricultural products, is the protagonist of the annual Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo (November) which attracts visitors from all over.