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January 18, 2021

Ficulle – San Nicolò Abbey


Address: Località Olevole – Ficulle (TR)

The Abbey of San Nicolò Montis Orbetani was founded in 1007. It is located in a landscape of open countryside, immersed in a green, silent nature.

In the early 12th century the Magister Graziano, a Camaldolese monk originally from Ficulle, took the monastic habit then passed into history as a distinguished jurist and founder of canon law. The monk Graziano is responsible for the so-called Decretum (Decretum Gratiani, concordia discordantium canonum), a work that aimed to bring order to over a thousand years of conflicting canons of Church history. A new code that was then applied both in ecclesiastical courts and used for teaching in liberal arts schools throughout Christian Europe. For his appreciated work the monk Graziano was quoted by Dante in the Divine Comedy, in the Paradiso.