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July 7, 2020

In the footsteps of Saint Francis


  • Baschi
  • Montegabbione
  • Orvieto

Visiting time

  • 2 days

How to get there

  • Car required

An itinerary among the lesser known places of Saint Francis (San Francesco). A journey through history and religion, visiting the places that give testimonies to the presence of the Saint of Assisi. Two convents immersed in hospitable and uncontaminated nature. One located near Corbara lake in the Baschi area, the other in the countryside around Montegabbione, and the church of San Francesco in Orvieto.

In the Baschi area between Todi and Orvieto, the suggestive Convent of Sant’Angelo di Pantanelli is found near Corbara lake. A building that is said to have been founded by Saint Francis himself. Other testimonies to the presence of the saint of Assisi are found in the immediate proximity: the cave with the bed and the rock on the Corbara lake where Saint Francis preached to the fishes.

In Montegabbione, precisely in the small fraction of Montegiove, immersed in a silent and uncontaminated countryside is the Convento della Scarzuola. According to history the convent owes its name to a scarza hut (straw) that Saint Francis built during one of his wanderings. Located at the point where the saint planted two laurel and rose plants, and where a fountain had miraculously emerged.

Orvieto was the city where all the main mendicant orders were including the Franciscan friars. On the highest point of the cliff is the church of San Francesco, not far from the Duomo. It was probably founded in 1240, although some historians believe that the construction began in 1227, the year after the saint’s death. The church with its simple Romanesque style has important dimensions, and for several years in Orvieto it played the role of “cathedral” of the city. It is the second church, after the Basilica of Assisi, to have been dedicated to Saint Francis.