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February 27, 2021

Hiking Along the Rivers


  • Fabro
  • Parrano
  • Orvieto

Visiting time

  • 2/4 days

How to get there

  • Car required
  • Walking routes

An itinerary dedicated to those who love hiking and trekking. In this case, three recommended routes that take place along the banks of the three most important rivers that flow in the territory of Orvieto: the Chiani, the Paglia and the Tiber. Three proposals of different length and difficulty.

FABRO AND PARRANOThe Reclamation path up to the Tane del Diavolo – A route of about 9 km mostly flat starting from Fabro, following the canalized course of the river Chiani that meets in Fabro scalo. Go along the side road (a secondary unpaved road in the open countryside) until you return onto a stretch of paved road to the bridge at the intersection of Via Monte and Via Parrano. From here continue on the SP52 to Parrano until you find a secondary road on the left indicating the Tane del Diavolo and the Bagno del Diavolo di Parrano.

ORVIETO – The path of the Paglia river – An easy route of about 8.5 km with departure from Orvieto Scalo, From Piazza della Pace along the course of the Paglia river, passing on dirt road. The route arrives in rural areas, close to the area of the gullies and crosses the point where the remains of the ancient Roman bridge on the Roman road Traiana Nova are still visible.

ORVIETO – the Titignano ring – An itinerary that starts from the charming village of Titignano, leaving the built-up area to the north-west, along a dirt road passing Podere Fontana. About 2 km after a hairpin bend to the left, you cross a stream continue southwards along a very scenic forests and pastures which leads near the shores of Corbara lake. From here a mule track leads to the Grotte di San Francesco and continues towards La Roccaccia until reaching C. Castello. From here you can continue to the ruin of the Roccaccia, from which you then descend to the largest and most famous natural cavities in the area the “Grotte della Piana”. Lapping the Tiber river you return to the Fosso della Contea and go uphill though a pastora forest ending the look of about 15 km.