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July 16, 2020

Journey between a Dukedom and a Princedom


  • Fabro
  • Parrano

Visiting time

  • 2 days

How to get there

  • Car required

An original itinerary to discover two Umbrian villages that despite their small size were given the titles of Dukedom and Princedom.

FABRO  – Not far from Fabro scalo is the uninhabited village of Salci, an evocative place to visit. From the small village enclosed by old walls you can admire the two gateways Porta Orvieto and Porta Siena, the small church of San Leo and the Ducal palace. Already known around 1200 as a frontier village, Salci formerly an enclave of the Papal States, was elevated to dukedom in 1568 by Pope Pius V.  The first duchess was Lucrezia Bandini, and in a short time the village came restructured and resumed an independent social and economic life. It was owned by the Bonelli family until 1816.

PARRANO – In 1118 the fiefdom of Parrano was granted by the bishop of Orvieto, with the title of count to Bernardino Bulgarelli. After the Bulgarelli the village and castle saw owners and noble families from the Baglioni of Perugia to the Sforza Marescotti. In 1773 Pope Clement XII elevated the county of Parrano to Princedom in favor of an exponent of the last family: Orazio Sforza Marescotti who became its first prince. On July 6, 1818, at the hands of another pontiff (Pius VII) all the feuds of the State of the Church were abolished and Friar Francesco Marescotti on October 19, 1818 renounced his feudal rights over Parrano. The last prince of the Marescotti family remained without male heirs, so in 1873 he sold the castle and the estate.