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June 6, 2020

Montegabbione – Castel de Fiori


Proloco di Montegabbione

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The small village of Castel de’Fiori is about 2 km from Montegabbione. Recently renovated, it maintains its medieval charm. Surrounded by walls and dominated by the Castle, with its Medieval Tower which dates back to the early 1200s. The village surrounded by greenery now has very few residents, but in the summer season is populated by numerous Italian and foreign families. In the central square there are the Baronial Palace of the village and the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. In the surrounding area, the ruins of the Church of Sant ‘Antonio (XIII century) and of the Abbazia dell’Acqua Alta (probably built before the year 1000) are just as important as archaeological finds such as the necropolis of Poggio della Croce and the “castelliere” (the castellieri are fortified enclosures with stones placed in hilly areas so as to control vast areas and to dominate the communication routes datable between the Bronze Age and early Iron Age), and nature trails and attractions such as waterfalls and small natural pools.