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February 27, 2021

Municipality of Montegabbione

Telephone: +39 0763 837222
Address: Via Achille Lemmi, 5
05010 – Montegabbione (TR)

General Information

Altitude: 594mt s.l.m.
Surface Area: 51km²
Inhabitants: (Montegabbionesi) 1.177
42 km from Orvieto

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The fortified village of Montegabbione was built around the 11th century, and belonged to the powerful Montemarte, Filippeschi and Monaldeschi families. Subsequently it became part of the Papal State until the Unification of Italy.

The village retains much of the original urban layout with imposing medieval city walls and stone tower, representations of its purpose as a military garrison for the village itself. In the basement of the tower a deep cavity was found that probably conceals an underground passage thought to be a secret exit.

In addition to the tower are the churches Maria SS and Assunta in Cielo. Outside the walls Madonna delle Grazie church built in 1625, is of exquisite workmanship.

In the immediate surroundings of Montegabbione there are small places of great impact immersed in a landscape dotted with slopes and hills mostly cultivated with vineyards and olive groves. One is the village of Castel di Fiori, with a population of a few dozen people which grows in the summer season and during other festivities. Part of the old castle of Castel di Fiori is a watchtower.

The village has kept intact its medieval charm, as well as the nearby Montegiove. A fraction of which the well-preserved Castle and the Scarzuola Convent, its name deriving from the “scarza”, the straw with which it is said that San Francesco built a hut there. Founded by the Saint of Assisi in 1218 and then in 1956 the entire monastery complex was bought and restored by the Milanese architect Tommaso Buzzi, who between 1958 and 1978, alongside the convent, designed and built his “Ideal City”, conceived as a “theatrical machine”.

The unfinished work is rich in symbolism and represents one of the most original and interesting attractions of the area and of the whole region. It can be visited by appointment with a guided tour.