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January 18, 2021

Norcine delights of Orvieto


  • San Venanzo
  • Ficulle
  • Orvieto

Visiting time

  • 3 days

How to get there

  • Car required

A flavour itinerary to discover and taste some typical dishes and products of the Orvieto area. In particular, some specialties of norcineria (pork) products expertly crafted with traditional methods.

San Venanzo is a town surrounded by the greenery and nature of Monte Peglia where “Sella di San Venanzo” is produced. It is a tasty cold cut made from whole pork loin with all its fat that is expertly flavoured and “massaged”. It is then left to mature for five months before being served. Locally it is much appreciated and typically accompanied by “torta al testo”, which is a kind of focaccia bread, kneaded and cooked on a cast iron or stone plate (called testo).

Starting from the lumbar part of the pig, we get ““Groppone of Ficulle”. The aromatization phase of this cold cut is very important, which takes place with garlic, chilli and red wine from Orvieto. At the end of this phase it is salted and seasoned in a cave for about 8-10 months.

In Orvieto among its dishes and typical products drawing on the norcina tradition and the processing of pork. Among the typical dishes that can be tasted in local trattorias and restaurants of the territory there is the baffo di maiali (pig’s cheek salted with all the rind and seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper and as per the ancient recipe it is eaten cooked with sage and vinegar, similar to bacon),  “mazzafegato” (similar to sausage in savory and sweet versions), and porchetta which as per Umbrian tradition, is a pig cooked whole and flavoured with wild fennel.