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February 27, 2021

Orvieto – Città Slow International Assembly

From Thursday June 20 to Sunday June 23, Orvieto will welcome the participants of the Cittaslow International Assembly on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Association, inspired by Carlo Petrini of Slow Food which was founded at the Mancinelli Theater in Orvieto on October 15, 1999.

The organization speaks of a 30% higher turnout for the Cittaslow General Assembly this year. Over 350 mayors and delegates are already registered with the assembly, coming from 30 countries, which are from: Australia, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China and the US and other countries. All together they will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Cittaslow International.

Thursday June 20 at the Auditorium of Palazzo Coelli, headquarters of the Cassa Risparmio di Orvieto Foundation, the assembly work will open with an important International Seminar dedicated to Cittaslow Education, which is the relationship between the school world and the principle values of Cittaslow. Participants are administrators, technicians, teachers, professors, school administrators of Cittaslow, who will exchange of good practices and planning of common activities. The event takes place in collaboration with the EU eTwinning platform and will take place in collaboration with the Comprehensive Institute “Orvieto-Montecchio” whose director Isabella Olimpieri, is entrusted with conducting the meeting.

On Friday June 21 at noon a plaque will be dedicated in memory of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Association. In the afternoon at Palazzo del Popolo, institutional meetings will continue with the Seminar/Workshop dedicated to “Good Practices of Cittaslow: replicable ideas and projects”, divided into two parts: the projects carried out by Cittaslow, and the experiences of other subjects and of companies. There will be no lack of original proposals and of great interest for the future of small and medium-sized cities and their respective communities. Coordinates the General Secretary of Cittaslow International, Pier Giorgio Oliveti.

Friday at 7:00pm in the Duomo – free admission to all citizens – a special Welcome Concert for delegates will be held by Arnoud Rodenburg, Mayor of Meidden-Delfland (Netherlands), and Vice President of Cittaslow International, in collaboration with Maestro Nello Catarcia and the Opera del Duomo.

Saturday morning an assembly will be held with the opening of the President of Cittaslow International, Stefano Pisani and the Mayor of Orvieto, Roberta Tardani. The moral introduction is entrusted to Susanna Tamaro who will speak to the international delegates on “Sharing and Community”.

The delegates will then be called to discuss and approve the Orvieto Charter, a document relating to the fight against climate change made by the territories, by the small and large municipalities, in agreement with the parks and protected areas: in the assembly the thematic reports on these issues they are entrusted to representatives of Federparchi Italia, Europarc and Ispra.

“It is no coincidence (underlines the Secretary General of Cittaslow International, Oliveti) that the new and coherent proposal for a new Covenant of Mayors for fair and sustainable development, an original technical-political proposal matured within the association and endorsed by the Committee of European Regions, which will propose it to the Commission for inclusion in the 2020-2030 programming. The Cittaslow movement is, in fact, a reference point for economic and social policies, young people and work, environmental protection, craftsmanship and rurality. If in Europe already today 41.2% of residents now live in the big cities, metropolitan gigantism is likely to strongly penalize small municipalities, where the risk of poverty or social exclusion is higher. But the metropolitan concentration is also producing strong inequalities in the same high-density metropolis, to which are added problems of pollution, congestion and insecurity. The result is an average deterioration in the quality of life in large cities. It is no coincidence that Tunc Soyer, former Mayor of Seferihisar Cittaslow and Vice President of Cittaslow International and now newly elected Mayor of Izmir/Smyrna will be present in Orvieto: he will present the first ideas of a new project, Cittaslow Metropole, which aims to positively infiltrate big cities through the experiences matured in the smallest: from Orvieto also part of this great challenge which will be discussed in the coming decades.”

The presence of Cittaslow’s international delegates in Orvieto, precisely in the days when the city relives its history with the re-enactment and celebrations of Corpus Christi, will be an opportunity to enjoy the historical and artistic heritage of the Duomo city, and also customs, and food and wine traditions. In this sense, various welcoming moments and guided visits to the Historic Center of Orvieto, the Archaeological Environmental Park of Orvieto, the “Corpus Christi Historical Parade”, artisan workshops, places of beauty and culture with professional guides and of the Students of the Liceo of Orvieto (IISST).

In Largo Mazzini and Piazza Fracassini from Friday to Sunday there will be the Cittaslow Market and Street Food with stands from the Polish Cittaslow, the Alta Murgia National Park (Cittaslow Supporter), and 14 Cittaslow operators, as well as a special Local Craft Market created by Alberto Bellini in collaboration with the “Luigi Carli” Cooperative.

At the Cittaslow headquarters in the Palazzo dei Sette, some exhibitions will be set up: one with the Cittaslow projects of the three Cittaslow; Ficulle, Parrano and Orvieto. An exhibition with the works of the Children of the Primary school of Ciconia on Cittaslow, and a special one Knowledge counter tasting of local extra virgin olive oils in collaboration with Eugenio Ranchino and Assoprol Umbria. There will also be mini tasting courses.

During the meeting two innovative projects on electric mobility for cars and bicycles will be presented, with the collaboration of Convergenze Spa and V-ITA BIKE, as well as a revolutionary surface water purification system proposed by IDRABEL (Belgium).

Grand finale party Saturday evening June 22 – DINNER STREET FOOD based on typical products open to all with the possibility of meeting delegates at the Rose Festival in Rocca Ripesena, organized by A.Ge Orvieto, Parents Association, Supporter of Orvieto Cittaslow.

Finally, on Sunday June 23 the great celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi with the religious procession preceded by the Historical Procession one of the greatest re-enactments of the Italian Middle Ages.