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January 18, 2021

Orvieto, the “Hidden” City


  • Orvieto

Visiting time

  • 2 days

How to get there

  • Visitable on foot

The charm of the Orvieto underground; caves, wells and tunnels dug into the tufa that tell centuries of history from the Etruscan era to the contemporary one.

Orvieto Underground is an underground route that crosses multiple environments and historical periods. The caves dug in the tufa allow to better understand the geology of Orvieto and the formation of the cliff. The remains of an old mill and the original “colombai” tell the life of Orvieto from medieval times to the present day.

In the heart of the medieval quarter, the Pozza della Cava is an attraction with multiple interests; the well is the cavity around which paths and rooms wind. The well is of Etruscan origin, and is about 36 meters deep (118 feet). Along the path there are remains of ancient kilns and an interesting display of medieval and Renaissance ceramics.

The beautiful church of Saint Andrea in Piazza della Repubblica hides a hidden treasure: underground passages. A suggestive environment that can be visited with a local guide, and where it is possible to admire the ancient plan of the square with remains of original floors and evidence of the first church built in Orvieto.

A hypogaeum place discovered by chance during the restructuring phase of a room in the historic center. This find brings to light a “labyrinth” of tunnels and underground environments between Etruscan cisterns and cellars.