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September 21, 2020

Orvieto in Fiore & Festa della Palombella

Preview of ORVIETO IN FIORE: Wednesday June 5: 4:30pm Libreria Valente Corso Cavour, 159 – Internal Court “Sorella Terra” Nature and Climate – Readings at Gran Voce.


9:45am: opening of the jury APERITIVO IN FIORE
10:00 am: competitions “floral aperitif” in collaboration with Wedding Planner of Maria Rosa Borsetti, “flower windows and balconies with the colors of the neighborhoods” by FIDAPA BPW ITALY.
2:00pm: Valente Bookshop “Di parole in fiori” reading workshop. The Library houses the children of the “Maria Bambina” Kindergarten.
5:00pm: Council Chamber, presentation of the sketches prepared by the students (2A-2B-3C) of the Liceo Artistico of Orvieto on the theme “Guardians not tyrants, for a new relationship between person and creation” (Laudato sì, Papa Bergoglio), selected by itself Mons. Benedetto Tuzia Bishop of Orvieto -Todi and awarding of the best.
6:00pm: starting IN THE CHURCHES preparation of floral arrangement bases.
7:30 pm: at the end of the “Floral Aperitif” competition: Pozzo della Cava “Archaeological medieval floral aperitif” Flowered visit to the underground of the Pozzo della Cava on the subject of the Befati and dei Malcorini, with a final toast inspired by a great event 555 years ago, based on hippocrasso and small samples of late medieval dishes.
9:00pm: Piazza S. Andrea “Vocal Academy of Orvieto” in collaboration with “Opera Argentario della Maremma” presents Concert of lyrical arias and sketches from the international repertoire. Clara Salomon Creative Director and Manager, Ugo Vera Artist Director, Raffaele Cirpiano Orchestra-Music Director Music by: Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Weber, Bernstein, Bizet, Bellini, Beethoven, Rossini, Cilea, Leoncavallo, Sondheim, Wolf, & More !!
6:00pm-midnight “CANTINE SONORE” Music and wine in the medieval quarter by Radio Orvieto Web


7:00am-8:00am: flower work starts, finishing around 4:00pm.
10:00am Piazza S. Giuseppe: stand opening “Orvieto lace, flower of an all-female art” exposition of Loretta Lovisa.
10:00am Piazza S. Andrea: floriculture and handicraft market
10:00am Palazzo dei Sette: organized by the Slow Food Orvieto

  • market for small producers in the area
  • “Bees on the flowers of Orvieto… in Fiore”, exhibition of the works and products of the children of the schools of childhood in Porano and Montecchio, the primary schools Orvieto center and Sferracavallo, of the Professional Agricultural Institute of Fabro and the Andromeda and Tree of Voices associations
  • 4:00pm–7:00pm: tasting of honey and cheese in the company of Slow Food producers and trainers

10:30am: DIGIPASS multimedia room screening of the film “A world in danger” by Markus Imhoof- introduction and discussion by the School of Beekeeping of Etruria.
5:30pm Bar Montanucci: “The roses of Reno” words and music recalling Reno Montanucci.
6:30 Piazza Cahen: …READY TO START AND GO! to the sound of the Luigi Mancinelli Philharmonic, departure for the tour of the jury. Go up to Corso Cavour: servi di Mary church infiorata of Ciconia, Sant’Angelo infiorata of Fossatello Piazza San Domenico infiorata of the district Corsica Via F. Cavallotti, Torre del Moro San Giuseppe infiorata of the Stella district Piazza Gualterio infiorate of the Serancia district and of Torre S. Severo; San Ludovico infiorata of Canale, Palazzo Simoncelli infiorate of the district Olmo and Sferracavallo.
7:30pm Piazzetta Simoncelli: ending the jury path “Aperitif according to nature”

FOLLOWING THE PRIZE CONCERNING THE BALCONIES AND FLOWER SHOWCASES WITH THE COLORS OF THE AREAS BY F.I.D.A.P.A. BPW ITALY, and award ceremony for the aperitifs in bloom by the president of the aperitif jury.
9:30pm Piazza del Duomo: show of the dance school Scarpette Rosse choreography Loredana Materazzo: “Music, colors and words of the Mediterranean”
6:30pm: “CANTINE SONORE” Music and wine in the medieval quarter by Radio Orvieto Web
10:00pm: Notte Bianca a Pistrella


Palazzo dei Sette

  • 10:00am-7:00: market for local producers
  • 11:00am–1:00pm: honey laboratory in the kitchen with Slow Food producers

10:00am Giardino Sanvitani: unitre
12:00am Piazza del Duomo: Descent of the Palombella and blessing of the Palio
5:30pm Piazza Cahen: exit of the parade of the figures: Le Cornamuse del Drago, judge and damsels who carry the palio and the aviary with the white Colomba, nobles and representatives of the Quartieri, dancers and musicians of the Dancamus group, procession of the Popolani, common people of Matilde di Montefiascone, Balestrieri, a group of flag-wavers and musicians from the districts of Orvieto.
6:30pm Piazza del Popolo: Tournament of the Crossbowmen and medieval show with awarding of the floral decorations and assignment of the paliotto and the Palio.