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January 18, 2021

Orvieto – Palazzo Comunale

This elegant building was built in the early 1200’s and renovated by the Orvieto sculptor and architect Ippolito Scalza around 1600. The building is located in the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica, an area that has always represented a central point to the political and social life of the city of Orvieto. It is in fact here that the forum of the ancient Etruscan city is believed to have been. From the elegant façade with arches at the base of the windows and the balcony have not been completed so that the main arch that originally was supposed to have been the entrance to the building is not perfectly centered with the structure of the building. Next to the building on the left is the dodecagonal tower that separates the building from the adjacent church of St. Andrea. The tower before its renovation (1926-1930) looked completely different from the current one, and represented the civic tower of the building complete with a clock.