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June 7, 2020

Orvieto – Saint Patrick’s Well


Address: Viale Sangallo – Orvieto (TR)
Telephone: (+39) 0763.343768
E-mail: orvieto@sistemamuseo.it

Hours and Tickets

January-February, November-December 10:00 – 16:45
March-April, September-October 9:00 – 18:45
May-June, July-August 9:00 – 19:45

Tickets: € 5.00
Reduced price: € 3.50  (groups of at least 6 people, students, seniors, minors, disabled people, T.C.I members, holders of the Pozzo della Cava ticket)

A masterpiece of Renaissance engineering, the well was built in 1527 by Antonio da Sangallo, by the will of Pope Clement VII with the intention of supplying water to Orvieto, a city in the which the pontiff had found hospitality by fleeing from Rome besieged by imperial troops and the Landsknechts in what is historically known as “Sack of Rome”.

The well initially called “della Rocca” as it is close to Rocca Albornoz, was later renamed Pozzo di San Patrizio because for its depth it was placed next to the cave of an Irish lake where San Patrizio went to pray. Legend has it that this cavity was so deep that it was the gateway to Purgatory. In fact, although not without a bottom, the well has an important depth (53 meters) and is composed of a double spiral staircase structure with 248 steps. This ingenious structure created by Sangallo allowed pack animals to descend and ascend to get water without ever meeting.