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June 4, 2020

Orvieto – San Domenico Church


Address: Piazza XXIX Marzo – Orvieto (TR)

Free entrance

The church was consecrated in 1264 by Pope Urban IV, but its construction dates back to 1233. The church was originally attached to a large Dominican convent, but several interventions and transformations have changed the original appearance of the complex. The last intervention in 1934 involved the demolition of a part of the church itself and the convent to make it the site of the first Women’s Academy in Italy. Today it is possible to admire part of a structure that was initially very large (approx. 90 meters).

Externally the majestic tuff facade with travertine and basalt ornaments remains while inside there are two valuable paintings, the Petrucci chapel with the original floor and the Funeral Monument of Cardinal de Braye carved in 1282 by Arnolfo di Cambio, an admirable example of fusion between architecture and sculpture.