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June 5, 2020

Orvieto – San Francesco Church


Address: Via Ippolito Scalza/ P.zza Febei – Orvieto (TR)

The San Francesco church is located in Piazza Febei on the highest point of the cliff not far from the Duomo. It was probably founded in 1240, although some historians believe that construction began in 1227, the year following the saint’s death. The church with a simple Romanesque style, has important dimensions, and for several years in Orvieto played the role of “cathedral” of the city. It is the second church after the basilica of Assisi, to have been dedicated to San Francesco. The church is currently undergoing internal restoration therefore it can only be visited externally.

The facade of the church is the original one, raised slightly over the centuries. It has three arched portals: the central one has a planking made with white and red local stone, the side ones are surmounted by a plastered band that has faint traces of frescoes. Next to the church, in what is now the seat of the Fumi library, there was the convent.