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August 12, 2020

Porano – Castel Rubello

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Address: SS 71 Loc. Castel Rubello, Porano (TR)

Associazione ACQUA
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Built in the 13th century, Castel Rubello is naturally placed on a hillside. From the access road it has excellent position, placed above a varied hilly landscape characterized by a rich arboreal vegetation, and by the background of rows of vines.

In 1346 just after its construction, the Municipality of Orvieto with a “card” of September 9, forced Petruccio di Jacomo di Ranieri di Guglielmo to defend the Castle. This in 1385 became part of the truce of June 13 between Muffati and Malcorini, and in 1397 it was declared part of Beffata. After various events on June 17 1414, at the end of the Vicariate of Pietro Morbilli from Naples, Pope Eugene IV brought back under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Orvieto Castel Ribello as well as Allegrona, Porano and Lubriano.

Six years later in 1420 Pope Martino IV with a brief dated June 8, exempted Castel Rubello and Porano from paying for two years the “delle bocche e delle assegne” tax, in compensation for the damage suffered in the war.

Castel Rubello looks like a union of two complexes: the first is made up of built-up buildings, placed on a natural baton that uses as a defense line the height on the plain towards Porano, while the side on the road is defended by an angular tower with a square base, covered with a crenellated frame, projecting on a band of corbels. A very short distance from this complex, and connected by a pointed arch there is a church building.

The second is formed by a large residential building, topped by another square-based tower, covered with wooden roof tiles. Three main buildings are added to this forming a large courtyard. Another higher tower with a square base is aggregated to the body of the building.