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June 7, 2020

Porano – Hescanas Tomb

Contacts for Guided Tours

Address: SP55, 2, – Porano TR
Telephone: (+39) 0763.374200 – (+39) 328.5430364
E-mail: ecomuseo-etruschi@libero.it

Located in the municipality of Porano, in a wooded area of great naturalistic interest. The tomb which belonged to an aristocratic Etruscan family (the Hescanas) is a small hidden treasure. Like the nearby Golini tombs, (whose walls have been detached and today exhibited in the archaeological museum of Orvieto) the Hescanas tomb has the particularity of being painted inside. To date it is the only Etruscan tomb (4th century BC) in the area to have maintained its original appearance and whose painted walls are still visible on the spot.