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April 20, 2021

San Venanzo – San Venanzo Martire Church


Address: San Venanzo (TR)

Built in the modern era, it has a simple and linear shape in perfect “Franciscan” style. The church was built using local materials and stones. Inside there is a crucifix made of Orvieto ceramic and along the walls instead, scenes of the Via crucis always made of painted ceramic. The church is dedicated to Venantius, a Roman nobleman who converted to Christianity who suffered martyrdom under the emperor Decius, and is revered by the Catholic church as a saint and martyr. The relics are kept in the cathedral of Camerino, the city where the saint was born. Legend has it that Santo Venanzio returning from Rome, stopped near the town to water the horses of the soldiers who had him in custody. He pierced with a sword the rock on which a horse had placed his paw and from the crack gushed water. Still in the town, this event is remembered by celebrating a mass on the Sunday before May 18 at the newsstand built near the source that flows along the course of the Faena stream. The place is locally called “Traccio di San Venanzo” for the fact that the footprint of a horse seems to be imprinted in the rock.