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April 20, 2021

San Venanzo – The Village of Collelungo


A classic fortified village in 1294, it belonged first to the Monaldeschi and then to the Baglioni of Perugia. Today the village just a few kilometers from San Venanzo, shows its mighty medieval walls intact.

The parish church also known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna della luce is a place of worship of considerable importance for the territory which preserves a precious 15th century fresco of the Madonna of light, attributed to Pietro di Nicola di Orvieto. In the countryside surrounding the small village there is the castle of Collelungo (XIII century). The winery is not only a place of production, but also a real tourist attraction. The galleries intended today for the aging of wines 150 meters long, create a real path between arches and secret passages, along which you can also find ancient pieces related to wine production, thus creating a small wine museum. The castle is also located within a medieval village still inhabited and endowed with an ancient charm, where you can stroll through the streets and meet extraordinary characters.