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August 12, 2020

The “Orvietano” is a territory in western Umbria, bordering with Tuscany and Lazio. This territory includes 13 municipalities whose main one is Orvieto, a city with a long history whose inhabitants, especially in medieval times, can be considered the architects of the birth of the smallest municipalities of the territory. Every municipality in the Orvieto area was born as a fortification or military outpost of Orvieto.

In the Middle Ages Orvieto established itself as a free, rich and ever-expanding Municipality and to defend its borders the noble families who had the greatest power in the city, built castles and fortresses. Around these structures small inhabited centers developed, from which in turn towns emerged.

Today the municipalities of Orvieto are independent and each has developed independently, thus having different architectural and urban characteristics. What still remains as a strong link in the territory is the way of life, the social and quality of a harmonious lifestyle in which tradition and man and nature become elements of identity.