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January 18, 2021

The Tradition of Bread

Orvieto and its territory have a long tradition in the preparation of bread and other baked goods. Among these the most typical in the area are lumachelle (snail shaped bread), Easter pizza and torta al testo (similar to focaccia). The latter is typically eaten with Sella di San Venanzo, traditionally as the name suggests, it is cooked on a cast iron or stone plate called “testo” (head) that is set over fire embers.

Before, during or after a meal, lumachelle (snail shaped) is a typical bread that is consumed on every occasion of the day. Pleasantly tasty thanks to its dough mixed with cheese and bacon (pancetta). It is one of the most long-lived products of the Orvieto tradition.

Easter pizza or cake in Orvieto is a must-have bread during the Easter holidays. It is found in two varieties; salty cheese-based or sweet with cinnamon and almond. The salty Easter pizza is traditionally consumed at “pasqualina” savory breakfast together with eggs and salami.