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July 9, 2020

Walking in prehistory


  • Parrano
  • San Venanzo
  • Allerona

Visiting time

  • 2 days

How to get there

  • Car required

An interesting journey through time to discover the ancient origins of the territory. A blast from the past in the footsteps of the places that witnessed the traces of the first human settlements, not only of Orvieto but also of central Italy.

Parrano is a town of ancient origins. Just outside the town is the site known as Tane del Diavolo, a complex of caves of karstic origin, where objects from the Upper Paleolithic and Bronze Age have been found. To visit the caves area you can contact local associations. Among the most unique finds returned from the caves is the “Green Venus”. A small sculpture carved out of a piece of green-colored steatite. It is one of the oldest sculptural representations found in the Orvieto area and in central Italy. The statue dates back to the Upper Paleolithic era and represents a female figure.

An area between San Venanzo and the relief of Monte Peglia, characterized by geological riches and important findings. Of particular interest is the volcanic system of San Venanzo with the park and volcanological museum and the “breccia ossifera del Monte Peglia” (fragments of bones and horns found inside a Mesozoic limestone quarry). Subsequent research has revealed fossils of animals from the past such as saber-toothed tigers,  the Etruscan bear and dog, and even the remains of a species of mammoth.

In the town of Allerona there is an interesting museum displaying numerous fossils of cetaceans (whales in particular), and other marine animals, some of which date back almost two million years.