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September 30, 2020

Montegabbione – The Buzziana City

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In 1956 the convent complex of the Scarzuola was purchased and restored by the architect Tommaso Buzzi (1900-1981), a prominent figure of the Milanese ‘900, who from 1958 to 1978 designed and built his Ideal City next to the convent, conceived as a theatrical machine or better as an “allegorical path” full of symbols, philosophy and history. The “Buzziana” city includes a set of 7 theaters. The climax of the representation is the Acropolis, an empty mountain of buildings inside, made up of many compartments like a termite mound, with a dense series of bundled units, superimposed or mounted one inside the other. Thus the archetypes emerge, revealing infinite perspectives and suggestions. For the visitor this magical place is like embarking on an initiatory journey between the sacred city (the ancient convent) and the profane city (the factories of the theater overloaded with symbols and secrets, references and quotes).

The style that best identifies Buzzi’s work is neo – mannerism, for the use of stairs and ladders in all directions, distorted architectural members, variety of rustic ways, monsters, desired disproportions of some parts, green statues at Arcimboldo.

There is also a reference to Caron’s architecture and with the bundling of buildings and monuments, the citation to surrealism, something labyrinthine pushed to the excess, evocative, sinuous, anthropomorphic, geometric, astronomical, magical. It is an itinerary of the soul, inspired by Polifilo’s Dream, the first text on gardens, published in the Renaissance (1499) and a model for all the architects of the following centuries. The project-synthesis of a life has continued today, according to the designs of the brilliant architect Buzzi, by the heir Marco Solari. The peculiarity of the “encrypted” messages inside the Scarzuola leaves the visitor with a series of countless conclusions and questions. This place can be enigmatic and revealing at the same time, but it certainly does not leave you indifferent.