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September 30, 2020

Montegabbione – S. Maria Assunta in Cielo Church


Address: Via Achille Lemmi, 9 – Montegabbione (TR)

Built starting in 1873, it rises in continuation of the ancient circular chapel and the adjoining bell tower (perhaps once part of the castle complex), both in stone and partly resting on the ancient cemetery (which was brought outside the walls in 1864).

In the Byzantine style, it was decorated by the Perugian artists Francesco Biscarìni and Raffaele Angeletti. Inside there are three altars with stone canteen in terracotta: the altar Major, dedicated to Maria SS. Assunta in Heaven; the altar of S. Giuseppe, patron of the municipality of Montegabbione and the altar of Maria SS.ma.

At the bottom of the church is the raised cantoria with a bellows organ, by Nicomede Agati of Pistoia. Adjacent to the parish church are the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament (formerly dedicated to S. Rita) and the sacristy. Next to the church there is currently a bell tower in concrete structure built in the fifties to replace the old one.